miercuri, 11 mai 2011


Nu-mi vine sa cred....in viata mea sau cel putin pana nu am nu am regretat un lucru cat regret acuma..Cum sa fii asa? Cum?...I'M STILL SOCKED..in this momnet i wanna die because i don't reconize myself..I don't who or what i become..
  Your life are more important than mine.I'm an egoist, a stupid, whatever you want and don't tell me that is not like that because I know it is
  So in this moment when I hane no friends I WANT TO DIE..and I'll write a letter to you from hell

2 comentarii:

  1. nu era vorba de tine..>:D<
    eu te iubesc pe tine>:D<
    chiar ai fost acolo pt mine..
    ziceam asa in general...